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A nighttime aerial view of India will capture the attention of many. The cities emit an eminent, luminous light that represent innovation, enterprise, and advancement. However, what fails to capture people’s attention are the surrounding vast expanses of black, representing the dimness that affects the lives of many in India. 
In India alone, 700 million people suffer from lack of electricity, which in turn is hindering the development and progression of the nation. The lack of such an essential resource has dire effects on the effected families and has especially impacted the children of India. Without light, a child’s day ends at sunset, limiting his time to learn and interact to a mere few hours per day. It is the goal of Triveni Care to provide this light to those who need it.  
Triveni Care's goal is to provide for this need by donating solar powered products such as lamps, lightbulbs, and panels to poverty stricken areas of India. This renewable and energy efficient resource is environmentally friendly and convenient as opposed to the kerosene lamps that are currently used, which are hazardous and emit pollution. 

Renewable Energy
Triveni Care Foundation’s mission is to provide light in the form of a portable solar light lamp. This renewable and energy efficient resource is environmentally friendly and convenient as opposed to the kerosene lamps that are currently used, which are hazardous and emit pollution. Through this, we hope that by the end of 2014 we can contribute 10,000 lights and work towards a better tomorrow. 
The cost of one solar lamp is approximately $10 or Rs. 600.  With one caring hand we can change the world, so we urge you to come forward and donate to bring light into at least one child’s life. 

With the vision and purpose to improve and better the lives of thousands in India, Triveni Care Foundation strives to better conditions and improve the quality of living for under privileged people by providing the resource of light one person at a time.

With the 1.2 billion and growing population of India, sanitation is a serious issue affecting the health, living, and development of the nation. Affecting more than 72% of the country, lack of sanitation and cleanliness is resulting in high costs, including the deterioration of public safety and health. Afflicting millions, of which more than half are children, the concern over sanitation is a continuous prevailing issue. 
Triveni Care Foundation strives to tackle this issue by providing proper awareness on the issue of sanitation by educating the youth on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. 
Frequently visiting India, I have first handedly seen the dire conditions of the public health system and strive to provide the necessities through this foundation to alleviate the issue regarding sanitation, contributing to a healthier environment for all. 

More than half of the children in India remain uneducated, out of which the vast majority are girls. Combined with a lack of opportunity and resources, many are not provided with the chance to receive a formal education. The deprivation of such an essential right has affected millions across the country and is an imperative cause that should not go unheard. 
Triveni Care Foundation strives to increase educational opportunities for both girls and boys from all over India by funding the education for those who cannot afford it. 
The right to education, a fundamental right that should be available to all, has been deprived to many, a concept that leaves me in disbelief and shock. In response, I have worked hard to create opportunities and provided resources through this foundation to ensure that no child’s future is determined by his wealth and position or lack of, and provide equal educational opportunity to all. 

India faces various epidemics and infectious diseases affecting the health of those across the nation. In addition, with lack of access to basic public health resources, the well being of the common people is being affected. The public health care problem and lack of accessible health care is a prevailing issue. 
Triveni Care Foundation’s mission is to increase the accessibility and availability to these health care resources all while educating the public on effective health care. We plan to donate medical supply kits to villages and educate the people on the importance and methods to maintain good health. 
Getting the opportunity to help in conducting medical check ups in villages in India, I have first handedly seen the health conditions and the lack of availability of health supplies and resources. This experience with many more has prompted me to start an organization that aids in making health care and the access to health supplies more viable. 

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